Friday, December 18, 2009

Deeply Troubled

I don't often write notes like this but I woke up this morning deeply troubled. As I prayed for our City, the River and the Church at large I became more alarmed in my spirit! Join me in prayer and repentance that the Lord will have mercy on us. I wrote the follow from a place of brokenness.

Time to Weed the Garden - Uprooting Spiritual Pride

Spiritual pride is prone to suspecting others; whereas a humble saint is most suspicious of nothing in the world as much as he is of his own heart.

The spiritually proud person is apt to find fault with other saints. They are low in grace; and are quick to discern and take notice of others deficiencies.

Lord, help me and those around me. We need deliverance from spiritual pride. My own heart, the hearts of my friends and my City is overrun with spiritual pride and it is being done in your name!

Love covers a multitude of sin. Spiritual pride wants to expose and separate itself away from the always present weakness in others. Lord, for your name sake humble your church. I choose to humble myself willingly. If I don't love my brother whom I can see, how can I say that I love the Lord whom I can't yet see? What are the marks of a true revival?

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