Friday, November 5, 2010

What is spiritual warfare?

What is true “spiritual warfare”? When I love others the same way I love God then darkness disappears and God’s glory shines ever brighter. (1 John 2:8 John 13:35) I am not interested in pushing back the darkness of this world by my words. Wars of words produce little success. Victory comes from God’s love poured into me for others. Love is a bright light and it ALWAYS wins the battle. Darkness will never overtake light and it will never overtake love. Love is more than words. Love is proven out by its action. Fall to your knees and pray and then actually get up and put love into motion. There are battles to win.

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  1. Hi John!

    I have always wondered about all the words thrown out against darkness with so little value (seemingly) placed in the Light of the World. I am seriously familiar with the wickedness and horrid truth of deeds done in darkness; the onslaught of terror that can come from that cruel stategy of the enemy. However, love always wins. This is truth and I choose to focus on holding out light in the darkness! John 1: 4-5 Love you!