Monday, January 26, 2009

Even dry ground can experience a flood!

Here is my current on going talk with Jesus concerning me, He, my City, and the River. I wrote this on a plane ride to LA today:

Thanks to Jim & Ruth Eudaly for drawing this out of me while we visited in their living room last night.

Even dry ground can experience a flood.

Lord, you have made it so I can be filled with “Rivers of Living Water”. You want me to be like a well watered garden. Jesus you came for no other purpose than to rescue me, mold and fashion me until my mind, heart and actions are like you.

Lord, there is a gap between what I have experienced of your power for signs and wonders and what is actually possible on the earth in your name. I will not settle for small things since I am in the service of such a big God. I will not settle for small things since I have been given by you the jurisdiction and freedom to take action.

You have given me authority and power to change things here on the earth. Help me breakout of doubt and unbelief! Even dry ground can experience a flood!

Father, there is no end to your beginnings. Begin again in me a resurgence of faith. You are the same God over all the earth. You are rich toward all who call upon your name.

Pentecost is the last thing you touch the earth with. Help me understand the fullness of the Pentecost empowered life. No longer do I want to live in a weak and impoverished condition which is no good to you or anybody else.

Lord, my heart is captured by this story that Brother Smith tells,

“I finished a meeting one day in Switzerland where I prayed for the sick. After I left the meeting two boys came to me and said that there was a blind man present at the meeting who had heard all the words I preached. The man was surprised that he had not been prayed for. They went on to say this blind man had heard so much that he would not leave the building until he could see. I said, ‘This is positively unique. God will do something today for that man’.

We got to the place. This blind man said he never had seen; he was born blind but because of the Word preached in the afternoon he was not going home until he could see. If ever I have joy it is when I have a lot of people who will not be satisfied until they get all they have come for. With great joy I anointed him that day and laid hands on his eyes, and acted.

There were lights bulbs in the room the room that he began to count. Then he counted us. Oh, the ecstatic pleasure that came to the man. He pulled out his watch, and said that for years he had been feeling the watch for the time by the raised figures, but now he could look at it and tell us the time. Then looking as if he was awakened from some deep sleep, or some long, strange dream, he awakened to the fact that he had never seen the face of his father and mother, and he went to the door and rushed out. At night he was the first back in the meeting. All the people knew him as the blind man, and I had to give him a long time to talk about his new sight.”

Jesus, I do not want to live my life on the earth in a lesser place than where you have called me to be. You have designed that everything on earth be subject to a person found in you Jesus. Through you Lord I have been given power over all the power of the enemy.

Lord, form into me a greater faith. Fill the River with a bunch of people who will not be satisfied until they get all they have need of from you. I want my (and those at the River) faith to be like that of the healed blind man.


  1. I really love your heart brother. That's how I roll!
    I enjoyed the blog, thanks.

  2. I pray that God continue to bless you and draw you closer to Him. That He hears the passion of your heart and guides your every step. May you walk as His child of light.

  3. John; appreciate this new venture and effort to know what you are thinking from one who does not get to converse with you on a frequent basis. Hope you keep it going.vicki

  4. Bicycl said...
    I had a form of blindness when I came to this church.I was blind to God's call on my life ,I had been pushed into a work out of my calling.And I was convinced I had failed God and I gone back to believing I was worthless.You talked one day about running after God,And I started doing just that,and my eyes were opened to the love God has for me.He called me to a ministry that I never dreamed of to open my heart and go deep in the darkness after the lost and hurting.The same darkness I came out of.Your love and the love of the people of many in this church,have shown me some one in me I never knew existed. Thank You John Wiley and the people of The River.Bill Mc


  5. I am feelin hungry John! I am in this thing all the way! I am asking as well, Lord please increase my faith.

  6. I am so thankful that the Lord has brought me and my family to the River. So much of what we had been hungry for has been revealed to us through the fellowship at the River and we truly feel God's anointing on you John and the entire River family. We believe and pray that God's power will be unleashed through us and that we could all minister in a way that will lift the veil from all of the "blind eyes" in this city and beyond.