Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Tide is Rising

It was only when I was given the "secret" of praying in the Spirit and of magnifying God out loud that the power of God came crashing into my life and into those I came in contact with.

It is this forgotten "secret" that is being rediscovered at the River. The tide is rising everywhere I look. God is pouring out His Spirit in the hearts of people at the River and they are crying out hungry for more of God. The day is at hand. God is fulfilling His promises.

The Holy Spirit has come to abide within me! He has come to reveal the fullness of God. He pours into my heart the very love of God! He takes the things of Jesus and shows them to me!

Dare I believe God?

Dare I plan my activities on the record of His Word?

1 comment:

  1. Amen. As the disciples told Jesus, I have no choice but to follow. I have no choice BUT to believe.The authority I have been given IS because He lives and dwells inside of me! God fulfills His promises! Just like what was said in the sermon this past Sunday. God hardened Pharoh's heart, not because He hated him, but because He had to fulfill his promises to others. I have no choice but to plan my activities on the record of His Word. Where is the scripture that His Word never returns void??? Life is so much easier when we just choose to believe and leave the rest to Him!!! He is just such a good God, no matter what. No matter what we see going on in this earthly realm!!!
    Lisa Sanders