Friday, February 6, 2009

The Fruit of Who Jesus Is

Father, Your word says that “He that believes that Jesus is the Son of God overcomes the world”. How true! This has been my experience. I have overcome this world and it scourges!

How has this come to be my experience in life? Since my past was anything but this? The answer is, I have planned and walked out my life according to the resulting fruit of who Jesus is.

1) My belief in Him has resulted in my being purified as He is pure.

2) I am strengthened because He is strong.

3) I am made whole because He is whole.

4) All of His fullness comes into me because of the Spirit’s indwelling.

Faith is the actual living out of the Word of God. As I have given myself over to being led by the Holy Spirit I easily find the will of God for my daily walk. The results have been amazing.
The Kingdom of God breaks through everywhere I go!


  1. Thanks for the uplifting message. Good timeing by the way.
    From Carol Weaver

  2. Good message John. When I was a baby Christian I didn't realize that I actually had to walk it out. I used to have fighting matches with the enemy in my living room. I thought the louder I yelled, the more effect I would have.I smile as I write this! During my journey as a daughter of the Most High, I have learned that that authority that has OVERCOME the world lives in me. I just have to allow Him to live it out through me. I can whisper the words of the Lord and the enemy MUST obey. He has no choice. The question is do we actually believe who lives in us and are we going to allow Him to eminate from us? Because then we are conquerors!!!Gosh, I hope I didn't go off topic, I don't think I did. Blessings!
    Lisa Sanders