Sunday, February 8, 2009

His Word To Me

According to what God says, (remembering that God keeps his word) I am filled with the very righteousness of Jesus. This truth is based on the authority of the Words God himself spoke.

The Bible contains the very Word of God to me. It is the supernatural seed of change, eternal in time, inexpressible in stoutness, infinite in influence, regenerative in power, flawless in authority, personal in relevance, and inspired in totality.

I take it all in from beginning to end, I write it down, I pray it in, I plan life around it, I work it out, and then I pass it on.

The Word brings into me the very personality of God; it changes my life as I become more and more like the image of Jesus. It transforms my mind, changes my character, takes me on from high point to low point and back again, and it imparts into me a reminder of my eternal inheritance in Christ.

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