Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moving past lip service and the “tipping of my hat”.

How do I test my heart to see if I am really walking in love? What does the measuring stick look like?

When I choose to no longer hold someone’s “feet to the fire” regarding how they failed or could have done better, then I love them.

When I no longer count the number of times another has stumbled, then I love them.

When I refuse to give up on the best a person could grow into, then I love them.

When I don’t like something I see in another person that’s ok. It’s what I do with the observation that becomes the pivotal point between love and …. Hmmm…death.

When I stop pulling away from them so that I can be more comfortable but rather move toward them, then I love them.

Love is not prone to walk away. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and it endures through every circumstance imaginable. Love is not embarrassed or uncomfortable by another person’s brokenness but rather longs to cover it. When I choose to actually walk this out with the very people around me, only then am I living in a place of love.

Anything less than the actual living out of this description is simply lip service. It becomes the “tipping of my hat” in acknowledgment of my Christian obligation of what I should do. How can I say that I love God who I can’t see, when I choose not to live out this description toward the people around me who I can see?


  1. This is GREAT! I feel like a comment hog though! I got layed off from my job last night, but that is OK, the Lord is changing my assignment and I am really excited about going where He wants me to go. Ok, how does this pertain to love? Well, I was irritated at how it was handled with my job, but as I kept my focus on the Lord and Him as my provision, I forgave those that did it in a way I felt wasn't right. I realized that I had to give them over to the Lord. They will be responsible and stand before the Lord for their actions and words, BUT so will I. I didn't want to stand before the Lord and have to answer for words and actions that were not loving as a reaction to theirs. Funny thing is, when they came to tell me, they were crying. They are believers and I got to encourage them. I had so much love and compassion in my heart for them ( which IS JESUS who lives in me) that it truly overwhelmed me. It truly was a witness of the all Powerful God. God is just so good all the time. Jobs are not lasting, they are conduits. Jesus is everlasting. His Love is everlasting, it is the only thing that can save!! AMEN!!
    Lisa Sanders

  2. Wow! great stuff... How many times have I caught myself saying "I will do a, b, c if THEY are willing to do x,y,and/or z..."
    What if they NEVER get better or NEVER choose to do the "right thing?"
    ALL have intrinsic and wonderful value and worth, even if I think they "should" be elsewhere in their journey...
    WAY harder to live out than to say... Have had a few run-ins in my own community, The Refuge. I am learning...
    What a wondrous an awe-ful ;0) journey this is...

    Thank You!

  3. I know why Jesus said we should be as little children. They recieve a little love they give back double. I see many unwanted children who think the littlest things are a big deal.Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all realize, that GOD is in control OF EVERYTHING ! Because if we realize those little things are special that he calls us to do, we won't overlook the big stuff when He calls on us step off a cliff because we'll know HE"S ALREADY THERE. LOVE YA John, and all the rest of the church family.
    P.S. Because of you and THE RIVER people, the word "family" means love now instead of abuse.