Monday, February 16, 2009

What I See

Today 6.8 billion people live on the Earth. The Earth was created by the “Word of God”. It’s easy for us to see that the Earth is. It has substance. After all we can see it and touch it. Here is a fact: “The Earth is substantive”.

Somewhere in the past at a certain moment in time the tangible and substantive creation could not yet be seen. It could not be touched but it still existed. Its existence was firmly planted in the imagination of God. While in the intersection between thought and pre-substantive existence the world was as real in that moment as it is today. Even though the earth could not be “seen” it was.

God with faith in the power (the ability to act) of His spoken word spoke what he “saw”. The spoken Word of God became the touchable substance of what is called creation. Creation became the evidence of what had not previously been seen.

As I become more fully awaken to the power of God’s Word, I understand that I am not only able to know Him personally, but I plan my life around His word even if I can’t yet fully see all the substance of what He says is coming. For if there is anything helping me today more than anything else, it is the fact that I am resourced and released with authority from His words.

God is not holding me accountable for 6.8 billion people. As a disciple of Jesus He is however holding me answerable to Him for my neighbor’s need. I am to live in my City as someone resourced and released with the authority to speak His word into what I see in my City. Sometimes that means speaking by faith what I see is needed to meet the need. I speak what I see is needed even though it is not yet tangible.

This is what I see. By Faith I see every person who needs a meal fed in the Kansas City area. By Faith I see every person who wants out of the sex industry in Kansas City given tangible help. By Faith I see justice for the poor in Kansas City. By Faith I see healing for the sick in Kansas City. By Faith I see unwanted pregnancies in Kansas City becoming a wanted child for someone. By Faith I see my City healed from the misrepresentation of who Jesus really is. Though not tangible today… it shall come to pass. It will become the evidence of what is not currently seen. Stay tuned...


  1. Wow John, this is great. I am with you, this last paragraph is what I want too. A city that is healthy and made whole by God's love through his people.

  2. John, this blog really speaks to my heart. Since our discussion about walking in Faith and speaking to the mountain. I have really been living that out. Half the battle really is hearing from Jesus, then out of that word we must speak to our circumstance so that it aligns with what Jesus spoke to us. He is soooo wonderful! God Bless and good night.

  3. Great stuff bro...This is how we roll!

    I would add that as Jesus said to "Disciple All Nations" I believe your heart for the city will become Glocal in nature and God will give you a burning passion for a nation, or maybe see this same vision come to pass.

  4. John, I am loving this blog. What you have written in 'What I see" is TRUTH. I have been taught and agree that there is a track A and track B. Track A is the heavenly realm and track B is the 'Worldly realm' Both exist simutaneously.Track A we don't 'see', but it is SO real. Our truth as Christians is Track A. Track A is our reality. I stand on this scripture for the promises that God has given me. I receive them when I don't 'see' them. Like you said even though we don't see them yet, doesn't make them untrue. I agree with you about what will come to pass for this city.Praise God!
    Hebrews 11
    By Faith
    1Now faith is being sure of what we hope(CONFIDENTLY EXPECT) for and certain of what we do not see. 2This is what the ancients were commended for.

    (CONFIDENTLY EXPECT) is my word.

    Blessings, Lisa Sanders

  5. Hey Brother John,
    How are you? I want to be a part of this. This is so cool.