Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No More Begging God With Great Worry & Zeal

Having read Hebrews 11 again I am
struck by the following:

The things that God has placed into my heart that I am to bring about in my City don’t come by my begging God with great worry and zeal.

Often it takes me a while to get past prayer that is based from whining and the ringing my hands in worry and frustration. When I move past that into a place of rest and trust in His promises to me it is then that my faith moves the heart of God. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

The things He has asked me to do in my City (which are bigger than me) come about because I take Him at His word. I believe Him. For me “believe” means that I plan my life and activities around what He has placed in my heart. I get it. What I ask for in His name by faith is going to come to pass. Plan on it!

Mountain look out you are moving! Everyone in my City will have food and shelter. If they want it.

Jesus will be seen for who He really is. 2 pledges made, 1 in the bank, 797 more to go!


  1. I am so glad I am on this bus!!! what a wild and exciting ride!!

    loving Jesus like CRAZY!!

  2. You know I have come the same conclusion myself. In the midst of wonderful events that are constantly going on in my household and with the newest of these events being one income for awhile, I have found a great peace in part to the fact that God just recently answered some prayers that I prayed 3 years ago. I look back on my life and realize that all to often amid all the worrying and crying I have done.... God has been right by my side through all every single event. And if that is true then why allow myself to worry and stress over the newest event. It is better to rest in his arms and trust in his love.
    I choose the latter.....

  3. Last year my husband, Richard had been without a job for a year and a half. Early on, I was lying on the family room floor, crying out "Lord, what is going on!!! Tell me please!!!!". Know what I heard????? "My plans are to prosper you and not to harm you". I sat up and received what the Lord gave me and realized that no matter what happens, there will be plenty of 'Why?' questions that are never going to be answered. I must give up trying to get the answer to those questions and just trust Him, His plans to prosper us and not to harm us. It is quit liberating!! I praise God!!!
    Lisa Sanders

  4. I have learned over the last few months,what all the way in means.God is changing me into something completely different than I have ever been before.It's the times I let Jesus take the wheel that I grow.My prayer is I'll never forget that he is my source,and director of the play He created for me to be a part of.I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,he doesn't show me too much of the script at a time.

  5. I too believe this. It is by faith that we must live and leave the worry up to God. Fear and worry are the opposite of faith. Trust God. Live by faith. He will do wonderful things in our lives, and our city.
    Wayne Granger