Monday, March 9, 2009

Unbelief Dethroned

When I know God’s nature and character, there are any number of His promises I can take hold of. It is at that point there is no struggle; only rest in His promise.

As I am in this lifelong transition of knowing Him better and better, the Holy Spirit of God is all the while working in my heart. He is ever bringing me to a place where all unbelief is dethroned. When there is imperfect faith in me (the kind which is full of doubt and wavering) it comes from imperfect knowledge of what God wants.

Increasingly I understand that when I see anything within my circle of influence that does not line up with God’s nature and character I am expected to address it with the authority of His promise. As I grow in my understanding of God’s nature and character I can more easily discern what He wants. From this place on I know I am good to go. I am ready to jump!

From this place of “the knowledge of what God wants” I speak with boldness and authority into the things that must change. To others it may look like presumption, but I remind myself that God is with a person who dares to stand upon is Word. Mountains get out of my way.

Jesus said in John 16:24: “Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy.”


  1. John there is a parallel journey I feel I am personally living out, as you describe your your personal break throughs it fills my heart with faith and courage to KNOW Jesus better. Thank you for living Out Loud and sharing your experiences!

  2. The closer I draw to God the more understanding I have, of how important the lost people are to Him.I rather go when He says go and make mistakes,Than to step over the lost and dying. And not go at all.What shots others take at me now are simply little aggravations, not serious wounds like they used to be.The only big deal is Jesus Christ,and being what he wants

  3. This is not a very good picture of you - okay, I don't understand the connection with some of the pictures you post.