Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gut Check

This week I find myself thinking about the paralyzed man in Mark chapter 2. I keep thinking about the paralyzed man's friends themselves. It hit my heart that some people will not be touched by Jesus unless someone brings them. Someone had to be willing to carry him. Someone had to be willing to press through the crowd. It took quite a bit of effort I'm sure to get him on top of the roof. In order to get him to Jesus it took four people to lower him through the roof. The paralyzed man had his sins forgiven and his body healed but it took others to get him there. I must remind myself regularly that I am my brother's keeper. Sometimes it's a matter of bringing Jesus to them.

Recently 15 or so people from one of the River's House Churches made homemade sandwiches for the homeless. They call it PB&J Day. (peanut butter & jelly day) The s
andwiches were accompanied by a host of other delicious items. Each sack lunch carefully assembled and lovingly prayed over. Fifty lunch sacks were handed out that day. I have heard it said many times that a picture is worth One-Thousand words. The two pictures below are worth more than Two-Thousand words. The first picture shows a man waiting to receive his sack lunch. You can see the hardness of life in his face. Within seconds after receiving his sack lunch his countenance changes. The second picture says it all.

I must be willing to bring my brother to Jesus. In order to bring someone to Jesus I first must care that they get to Jesus.


  1. When we see others as Christ sees them...through the eyes of His Father, then we are able to see past any outward shell and see the heart of one of God's creations just waiting for someone to reach through that shell and touch their heart with the hand of the Father. This is true ministry...seeing through His eyes, feeling with His heart and touching with His hands!

  2. YES! I have heard it so many times...bring them
    to church even if you have to hit them over the head. That never made sense to me. Jesus lives inside of his Children- His Church. He wants to touch people through us wherever we go. We must ask him where He wants to go, who does he want to touch. I cried when I saw those two pictures. It is God that touched that man. He witnessed God in action. We are His hands and feet, vocal cords.
    Another thought: When I spend the day with my husband...I pay attention to him...I talk to Him...ask him where he wants to go and what he wants to do. There are times we walk side by side and say nothing, but we know the other one is right there. It is the same with the Lord....He lives inside of me.....I spend everyday with I pay attention to Him, or do I ignore Him? Do I ask Him where He wants to go? Do I ask Him what His plans for the day are? When I don't spend time with Him during the day, Am I cognizant of His presence, or have I forgotten? I thank my Abba Father for His Mercy and Grace because I spend some days, quite frankly ignoring Him. BUT, He continues to love me and patiently waits for my attention. I think, my goodness if I did that to my husband or if my husband did that to me, well I'd be ticked off.
    Thank you for the reminder John.
    Lisa Sanders

  3. Sometimes we think we have to have something more than the love Christ gave us to reach out to people.People hunger for hope,love, and fellowship.A lot of people out there don't believe anyone cares.And one spark of hope can start a Holy Spirit fire,that drugs,hate, or apathy can not put out.

  4. I think it is a good reminder that we are all on the same playing field when all is said and done. We all will stand before our maker in the end of the beginning. That just puts things into perspective when I see a fellow human being. Race, political preference, class all really don't mean squat in the grand scheme of things. It is love that will last. It is love that carries on to eternity.

  5. I long for the day when feeding the homeless and taking care of the poor no longer becomes a specticle in the church but the work is being done and Christ is receiving all the Glory, and the Church is overflowing with love for one another. I see that sometimes it's easier to love those who are in more need then yourself or your peers. The true challenge is to love those who are your equals or maybe even doing better then yourself from an earthly perspecitive. Helping the poor is truly admirable but still love is much more. . . God take us there.

  6. did the guy know you were taking pictures of him? Not sure how I would feel about that, being made a subject of attention for pats on the back...