Friday, March 27, 2009

My Neighborhood

I love the way John 1:14 is written in The Message. It says Jesus “became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.”

Wow! God moved into our neighborhood. He came to us and met us where we were. Jesus’ neighborhood was a rural agricultural society. He immersed himself in that culture. He wore the clothes, used the common language. He illustrated his stories in a way that anyone could follow. If I do the same I will reach more people and be more effective.

He didn’t wear special God-clothes or speak special encrypted God-words that only insiders could understand. He didn’t spend years learning big words so he could impress others with his piety.

For the sake of my neighbors I will follow Jesus’ methods. Like Jesus, I must be immersed in the culture of my neighborhood. While the populace of the Church tries hard to withdraw from the neighborhood (the excuse for the withdrawing is “for holiness”) the neighbors in the neighborhood are at risk of ending up in hell. Lord, forgive us and help us with the courage to break out of our self imposed cocoons.


  1. Amen! Being in a neighborhood with a bunch of non- Christians is actually a gift. Loving on them doesn't mean we agree with their ways. I struggled with this concept at first because I felt that if I didn't say something about their wrong ways, then they would think I agreed with it. The difference now is, I love them for them and if they ask me questions I answer from my heart, the Truth, but in Love, no condemnation. I remember that big ole plank in my own eye! We got to love them, because they belong to God. Even if they haven't received Him, they still belong to Him. He is their creator. I love to share and talk about God with other christians but why would I want to keep Him to myself. I want to share Him with others even if I never 'say' anything. I want them to experience Him through me.

    A quote from Christ Life Solutions: "There is a big difference between you trying to be like Jesus, and Jesus being Himself and living His life in you".

    I must allow Him, Jesus to be Himself and Live His life through me in my neighborhood!!! This is my prayer for myself.

    Lisa Sanders

  2. Great Post! I live in Pleasant Hill Missouri not to far from your church. My husband and I came to visit your church this morning(Palm Sunday). I was so moved and inspired by the service. We attend a church in Lee's Summit right now and are struggling with the question, "Is it time to change churches". If the Lord leads, we may be back to The River.

    Either way, we will be praying for your meeting on Thursday about the Hospital building.

    God Bless!

  3. As we pursue planting a church within the confines of our city - We see so many lost and completely apathetic about Jesus and church. Our prayer is that God would grant us access to the doorways of their hearts and homes that they may see and experience the engaging love of Jesus.

    Richard and Susanne Bolt
    The Gathering Place church