Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Faith can see Through a Brick Wall

When God speaks it will be as He says. Unbelief can be very blinding, but faith can see through a brick wall.

The more clarity I have about what He has spoken the more fear moves away from my heart.

To know God is to be in the place of triumph. To know Him is to be in the place of rest. To know Him is to be in the place of victory.

God knows how to deliver out of trouble; He knows how to be with you in the dark hour. He has a way of arranging His plans.

There is a huge distinction between living in Christ and living in speculation and optimism. There is something better than optimism; something better than speculation. “The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action,” (Daniel 11:32) and God would have us to know Him. God would have us to follow through with action.

Take action based on what God has said. The mountain will move!

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  1. Amen ! I have downloaded several of your messages and really enjoy hearing you preach and teach. Wish you guys were in NC but I will continue to tune in on line.

    Mark Morrison