Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Travesty of Much Learning

In John 17:3 (NKJV) Jesus praying to the Father said, “...this is eternal life, that they (us) may know You (the Father) …”

According to Jesus my “knowing” God the Father is my highest portion and reward. It is my “eternal life”. It is my great reward.

This description of eternal life would be rather disappointing if it were simply describing “knowing God” as simply knowing facts about the Father.
The Bible makes it clear that even demons have knowledge about God. Knowing facts about God is not eternal life. Jesus is speaking of a “knowing” that far surpasses knowing facts about God.

It is one thing to have a general knowledge about marriage. It is an entirely different matter to experience marriage. To know in intimacy the person you are wedded to goes far past a mental knowledge of facts. So it is (or should be) with God the Father.

Today there is no lack of people filling church buildings who are satisfied to know a few fundamental facts about God. Year after year they come and “attend church” all the while unaware that in their lives there is no manifest Presence of God. There is no intimacy of union with Him and it does not seem strange to them that it is so. This is a travesty! Much learning won’t produce the fruit of a loving companionship with God.

Correct facts and opinions may exist without a right heart toward God. One may have right opinions about God and be without love for Him. Satan is proof of this.
Time spent in quietness with Him is the secret to knowing Him.

I long to discover more about Him each and every day and it is my reward to be able to do this for all eternity. I am confident that I will never find the end of God but it will be fun attempting to do so.

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  1. John, it's so true! I did a short fast to open up the new year, and it took a step out to force my flesh out of the way to do it. When i did, i felt so alive in God! As soon as i realized that, my materialistic mind sprang into action and said "hey, i can ask Him for something big now, whatever i want!!" But almost as quickly, i realized that i wasn't doing it for some *thing*....i was closer to Him! That was the whole point, and what better reward? There is NONE!

    John 15:15